The Witness Gets 10 Minute Gameplay Video Narrated by Lead Designer

The Witness, a 3D puzzle adventure game is being developed for PC, PlayStation 4 and iOS by Number None. The lead designer and company head at Number None, Jonathan Blow has released a walkthrough to explain the game’s puzzles.

The game begins out of nowhere, you are in a tunnel where the only way forward is through a door, and that is all you know. The initial parts of the video showcase the tutorial level that gets you acquainted with the game through fairly simple puzzles where you have to drag a line across point one to point two in order to open doors.

As you go deeper into the game, the puzzles will start to shape up gradually. After the tutorial, there is a large island with quite a large number of places where each of them needs you to solve a puzzle in order to enter.

The whole video is more than 10 minutes long but generally, all it does is to educate you how the puzzles will work. There will always be a pattern that you will need to learn through the easier puzzles and then use it in the larger ones.

In the end, even if you get a little bored by the puzzles, a bird’s eye view of the whole island will tell you that you are in a beautiful place.

Check it out yourself and let us know what you think.