Respawn: Don’t Buy Titanfall on Faith, “Try it First then Buy it”

There is a great enthusiasm for the Titanfall beta, Respawn Entertainment has been trying their best to address the complaints they are receiving regarding server issues, ping problems, gameplay and more.

On their official forums, the developer addressed the ping issues and asked people to try out the beta version first or ask their friends before buying the game.

I’m just a designer and I can’t really speak about infrastructure or AU Azure servers, but… we’re not asking you to buy the game on faith. Please try the beta, or to talk to people in your area who played it if you don’t get in and make an informed decision based on that.

There’s nothing hidden; your ping to each data center will be listed right on the main menu. If the gameplay experience isn’t acceptable don’t buy the game, and be sure to let Respawn, EA and Microsoft know that you’re not doing so and why.

When asked about the overall depth the final build of the game will have and the simplicity of Titan vs. Titan combat, the developer said:

Give it time and I think you’ll be surprised. There’s a lot of depth to Titan vs. Titan that might not be apparent at first glance. There are also missing weapons and abilities in the beta that really open things up in the full game. Winning 1v2 is quite possible once you develop the skills.

Titanfall beta has been doing amazingly well apart from some of the server issues. Titanfall is set to launch on Xbox One, X360 and PC on March 11th.