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Minecraft Food-Based DLC Hinted for Future

According to a new report from International Business Times, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions of Minecraft are getting new Minecraft Food-Based DLC.

According to the report, a fan asked 4J Studios whether there are any DLC planned for future. And in response, a representative from the Development Team stated that there are several new expansion packs in-development.

In addition to this, there is an Expansion Pack related to food items which might end up being called as, ‘Candy Saga Texture Pack.’

Yes, our art team is working on some. One is a confectionery type one. We think Candy Saga Texture Pack is a good name for it 😉

It seems kind of a mocking gesture since Candy is usually associated with the popular mobile-based game called Candy Crush Saga. Even the developer ‘’ recently filed a trademark for ‘Candy’ word.

In other Minecraft news, Minecraft Snapshot 14w07a has gone live but it is strictly advised that only experienced users go ahead and download it since it can ruin a player’s world beyond repair. Have you tried it yet?