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Capcom: Speak Up If You Want God Hand On Steam

Capcom wants you to “keep vocalizing” about a Steam version of God Hand and perhaps the publisher just might make your wish come true.

Responding to a user’s request to bring the PlayStation 2 beat ’em up title on Steam, a representative of Capcom stated that if it’s something fans want then they should “keep vocalizing it.”

However at the same time he also noted that God Hand has a minor fan-base at this moment but a Steam version would perhaps be an interesting step.

“I think title recognition is still relatively low for this game on a mainstream level,” Gregaman continued, “but I do personally think it’d be a great grab on Steam, where there’s a very savvy (and big) consumer base.”

Ever since Gregaman’s comments, a horde of users have taken to social media networks to express their desire for the game. On Twitter, users are requesting a Steam version by adding the #godhand tag.

God Hand was directed by Resident Evil designer Shinji Mikami and was released on the PlayStation 2 back in 2006. Upon release, the game was met with lukewarm reviews but in the months to come God Hand achieved an instant popularity amongst the masses.

The game is currently available on the PSN at $18.95 and can be downloaded for the PS3 to work via the PS2 emulator. God Hand weighs in at 1.8GB.