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GTA Online: Earn $1 Million Through Snapmatic Competition

A “Snapmatic” competition has been announced by Rockstar Games that coincides with the recent release of Valentine’s Day Massacre pack for GTA Online.

The objective here is to take a snap with your camera and submit it to Rockstar in hopes of winning a cool $1 million of in-game cash. To do so, take a picture of a cool scenario and send it to the Rockstar Social Club with the hashtag #vdaymassacre. Once the contest is over, Rockstar will then choose the best of the lot and deposit the said cash into their respective accounts.

At the moment it is unknown as to how many winners there will be. From the announcement though, it is pretty obvious that there will be more than one.

The Valentine’s Day Massacre pack brings the Gusenberg Sweeper (Tommy-Gun), Roosevelt (old car) and other clothing, all of which will disappear at the end of February. Players must grab them before the event concludes or else wait perhaps next year.