Titanfall Vs Call of Duty, Game Modes Compared: Who Trumps Who?

Titanfall Beta has gone live and after spending some time in the game, I thought of sharing my impressions of the game and how does the game modes are compared to that of Call of Duty.

Since the game is being developed by a group of people who worked on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare multiplayer mode, it is pretty much similar to COD in many aspects. But still, the game feels so fresh with features like wall climbing, double jumping, free running, Titans, and several other gameplay changes.

In case you have played the Beta, you will know that there are three types of soldiers in the battlefield.

Grunts are just like Minions from League of Legends. They are AI controlled soldiers with little health and firepower. Their main purpose is to indicate the locations of enemy spawns, help you a bit, and help you level up fast.

While playing the game, Grunts should not be a problem, and you will kill them within the blink of an eye.

Pilots are actual human-controlled characters like you. They are capable of roaming around the map with double-jump, wall climbing, and free running.

They are equipped with more health and firepower and there is not any area where they cannot get to. Unlike Grunts, Pilots have the ability to change their Loadout and Gender, and they can also embark Titans.

Precisely, Pilots are just like Standard soldiers from Call of Duty.

Titans do not need any kind of introduction. Although playing objective and killing enemies can speed up the process but players get their Titans after a specific duration of time.

Titans lack mobility and ability to jump (in some cases), some cases) but they are extremely powerful and have a lot of fire power.

And just like Pilots, Titans have the ability to set their own Loadout and other things. Killing a Titan is extremely difficult; especially if you are playing as a Pilot.

One interesting fact: Titans can kill Pilots/Grunts by stomping on them.

Titanfall Game Modes Compared With Call of Duty


Attrition is just like standard Team Deathmatch from Call of Duty franchise. All you need to do is to kill everyone (Grunts, Pilots, and Titans) on the opposite team to win. The first team to score 200 wins the game.

But the best thing is that even if get defeated in the match, it does not end there. The game continues on playing until the defeated team is asked to get to their Drop Zone.

An Evacuation Team comes to the battleground and the defeated team is supposed to reach it within a certain time limit for a few extra points. Note that reaching the Evacuation Team does not change the outcome of the game but is there to award you with a consolation prize.

Other than this, it is pretty similar to Team Deathmatch from Call of Duty franchise with a lot of running and gunning.

Hardpoint Domination

My first though after seeing the name was something like a combination of Domination and Hardpoint from Call of Duty: Black Ops II. However, this is not the case.

This game mode is exactly like Core Domination from COD franchise. There are three flags situated in different areas of the map, and your objective is to cap all of them to win.

However, unlike Call of Duty, if there is an enemy flag, you must make it neutral first and then capture it; kind of like in Battlefield.

Furthermore, the more players capping a flag, the faster it will cap. Other than this, there is nothing new about this game mode.

Last Titan Standing

This is a completely new game mode introduced in Titanfall, but it is somewhat similar to popular game modes from Call of Duty.

LTS can be considered as a mix of Search & Destroy and Team Deathmatch. Another noticeable thing is that each Pilot spawns in a Titan, and the battle takes place between different Titans.

There is no re-spawning, and the sole objective is to wipe-off the other team’s Titan. If you have at least one living Titan in your team, you win the match.

Titanfall is slated to release on 11 March, 2014 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.