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Titanfall Players Face ‘No Servers Found’ Bug During Beta

Anyone who was lucky enough to get into Titanfall’s beta, it was definitely their Valentines gift by Respawn Entertainment. However, there were a lot of excited gamers who hopped onto their Xbox One and PC to found an error message instead of playing the game.

The game’s beta is currently not working for some users and instead gives gamers a “no servers found” message. This is a bug with the Microsoft Xbox cloud that powers Titanfall’s servers, according to engineer Jon Shiring of developer Respawn Entertainment.

The cloud team at Microsoft is working on the problem and is slowly getting the game back online. This is type of reasons, the developers has decided to run the beta on such a large scale.

The test began earlier this week, but the problem didn’t surface until yesterday. However, the test will keep on running on the weekend.

The final version of Titanfall is set to run on Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure. We will have to wait and see how much improvement the final build will have. We hope these kind of issues are solved, as it is a multiplayer only game.