Square Enix Launches Zombie Card Game Deadman’s Cross

Publisher Square Enix has launched Deadman’s Cross as a free-to-play game on mobile devices. This original property is a spinoff from an earlier release called Guardian Cross.

In Deadman’s Cross, players find themselves in a dilapidated city that’s the host for the zombie apocalypse. As the last survivors, their goals shift to just trying to scavenge goods and fend off attacking zombies.

There are two ways of progressing in Deadman’s Cross. In the first part, you collect cards, by shooting down zombies in a city environment.

These black, shambling corpses roam around, which you can pick off with your scoped rifle. Gunning them down fully nets you their card variant.

With cards in hand, you can create a deck for the second part of the game. Here, you’ll go through locations in a first person perspective, quite like old dungeon crawlers.

For each step, you consume an amount of stamina, indicating how far you can go, until it regenerates. If any panels have undead in them, you’ll trigger a card battle.

During combat, your deck will face off against that of the enemy in an automated sequence. Cards can vary in strength and rarity, as well as having different types.

There’s also an enhancement model for cards. During management, you can feed your zombies lesser species to advance their statistics. Alternatively, this can also be done by giving them found items.

In an arena, you can participate in combat against decks from other players online. Those with the highest scores will receive the best items as a reward.

There’s a thin story attached to Deadman’s Cross as well, which gets presented by traditional static conversation panels.

Art in the game includes work from people that have put their stamp on the Final Fantasy series.

Deadman’s Cross is out on iOS and Android. A short launch trailer is provided.