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Natural Selection 2: Support Your eSports Teams Through New Emblems

A new update has been pushed out for Natural Selection 2 that adds four emblems to the Steam Store; each representing the teams taking part in the first Natural Selection 2 World Championship.

The notion is to help fund the game’s eSports scene and so 50 percent from all revenue made from the emblems will go straight to the respective teams. You can buy all five emblems in a Championship Pack or any of them individually through the Steam Store.

A pretty cool feature added to the emblems by developer Unknown Worlds is the ability to track kills. At the end of the tournament, players can then see which team’s fans racked up the most kills during the tournament period.

The update also brings many other changes, like organized play that now enables you to form a team with your friends and search for a game together. That’s more convenient!

There are also a ton of bug fixes, gameplay improvements and tweaks that makes this a pretty good patch.