Minecraft Snapshot 14w07a Features Team-Based Objectives in Multiplayer

Minecraft Snapshot 14w07a is up for grab but before you jump-in to download it, a word of warning; this is strictly for experienced users. You can mess up your created-world pretty badly If you do not know what to do with these downloaded files.

With this Snapshot Update, the Adventure Maps are pretty easy to create and can be packed with a Resource-Pack by simply putting the Resource-Pack in the map’s folder and naming it as ‘resource.zip’

There are certain new commands featured, which will enable the map-makers to clear the scoreboards, improve co-operative gameplay, and keep a track of movable objects.

Each teammate will see a shared objective which will be kept hidden from the opponent teammates. In addition to this, nametags on opponent players and teams can also be hidden.

The Snapshot will see new Iron Trapdoors and fix a bug that enabled players to take out the Ender Dragon by merely adding an entry in the Command Line.

Head over to Minecraft Forums for a complete list of updates and changes. Also, if you encounter any bugs/glitches, report them to Minecraft Bug Tracker.

And lastly, do not forget to see what is expected to head your way in near future!