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CCP: World of Darkness Takes Inspiration from Dayz and Rust

Eight years ago, CCP Games merged with White Wolf Publishing and the first information of the World of Darkness MMO was released, followed by ultimate silence on the game.

Five years later in 2011, CCP lay off a number of employees working in its World of Darkness-focused Atlanta, GA office, but said development would continue with “a significantly reduced team.”

In December of last year, CCP gave a look at the project again, cut another 15 employees in a “strategic adjustment”, and pushed the game’s possible release date back until 2015.

Situation did seem bleak, but CCP game’s CEO Hilmar Pétursson has confirmed that the game is still in development. Pétursson told in an interview to RPS that World of Darkness layoffs were to focus on the game, not winding it down.

He said:

What we’ve seen is, increasing focus for teams also comes from the size of the team, and when you’re still innovating and figuring out how you’re game’s going to work, a bigger team takes longer to do that.

So again, the layoffs were more about focus and creating an environment where teams can be successful with their priorities. That’s something we’ve had to work a lot on as we’ve grown. We’ve grown very fast. We were not very well structured for the complicated strategy we’ve been executing. We’ve been working a lot on that.

Pétursson is finding inspiration from the games like Rust and DayZ for this project. Both titles are incredibly popular these days and getting a lot of fan following for them.

He said:

The core dynamics of being human or vampire haven’t changed, but we’ve certainly been taking inspiration from a lot of recent things, for example, DayZ and Rust, which have shown us the power of a sandbox when you bring it into a more recognizable context.

He didn’t give any release date for the game, he just said that the game will be done when it’s done, reiterating CCP’s stance of not committing to anything at this point.