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Beta NDA For The Elder Scrolls Online Lifted

Following closed beta runs, the non-disclosure agreement for The Elder Scrolls Online has been now lifted. What that means is that beta testers are now free to post their impressions of the game on to public platforms, with accompanying screenshots and videos.

According to a post on the game’s official site, another beta event will be taking place soon, which will give players a chance to stream their gameplay, share footage and take screenshots.

There was no mention on when the event will take place but it did say that it will be another closed beta. Hence, you should be watching out invitations if you’re interested in participating.

I personally could never get into the beta but some of my friends did and they all commented on the game being a bit too generic. I can’t comment on that since I have yet to experience the MMO. As an Elder Scrolls fan I’m expecting much from Zenimax Online’s new take on the franchise. I hope an open beta is push out soon.

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