Amazon Currently In Talks With Microsoft to Purchase Xbox – Rumor

In the wake of the bombshell that was the PS4 outselling the Xbox One in its home town in January, a rumor has come about that tells of Amazon currently negotiating with Microsoft to purchase the Xbox brand.

While striking a conversation with Geoff Keighley on Twitter regarding Titanfall, insider Famous “Pete Dodd” Mortimer stated the following:

“Two things. Titanfall launch show with @geoffkeighley. Have you announced that yet? Also, xbox bought by Amazon? Bookmark this.

@muleyman79 @geoffkeighley The show that is. Microsoft is looking to dump xbox. Amazon is looking for gaming assets. Talks have started.”

Upon being questioned nonstop by followers on what he said, Dodd defending himself saying that it is an industry rumor but Amazon ‘is’ talking with Microsoft for the brand. “It doesn’t necessarily means Microsoft is selling,” Tweeted Dodd later. He also said that Amazon approached Microsoft first.

With the coming of a new CEO, some changes to Microsoft’s infrastructure may be being planned and the status of the Xbox brand could be in jeopardy – or that’s what many would start believing.

The truth is that Microsoft selling off it’s gaming division seems highly improbable. If it did happen, it would probably be the news of the decade. On the other hand though Amazon has been known to be interested in entering the gaming market with its own console. Only recently the company purchased Double Helix Games and before that there were many rumors of its R&D coming up with plans on an Android-based console.

Source Twitter