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Xbox One February Update to Improve Controller Sensitivity

Xbox One February Update will bring changes to the controller thumb-stick sensitivity, one of the Microsoft’s spokesperson confirmed to Joystiq, that the update will be released sometime this month. He said:

The February update will increase the sensitivity of the outer boundaries of the thumbsticks on the Xbox One controller. The update will happen automatically when your controller syncs with your console.

This appears to be that the changes will come as a part of previously announced system update that is due out this month, which will introduce the feature to update the console’s dashboard in the background automatically and it will also manage storage space and add a battery indicator for controllers.

Along with this, there will be number of other features also making their way to the Xbox One with the update. However, the next update will come on March 4th to prepare the system for one of the biggest releases in 2014, Titanfall.

Microsoft said before that they are just getting started with these Xbox One updates, there will be more updates coming this year that add to the experience of the console owners.

Do you own an Xbox One? Are you looking forward to these update and Titanfall? Let us know in your comments!