Who Wants to Play Pokemon on Twitch Via Live Chat?

You can now play Pokemon on Twitch using the live chat, thanks to a new channel named Twitch Plays Pokemon. The game you play is the original Pokemon Red/Blue and you play by simply typing in right, left, up, down, A, B, Start, and Select in the live chat.

What the Twitch Plays Pokemon channel does is that it takes the text strings and converts them into button presses that are then fed to the cleverly emulated version of the original Game Boy title.

So if you wish to kill a part of your Valentine’s Day in something that could turn out to be exhaustively chaotic, head over there and play Pokemon on Twitch.

Although the game can be muddled at times, you will see that it has greatly increased the productivity. The game has been live for just a day and a half and the combined expertise of players has managed to beat the first gym.

Thousands of Twitch users are trying to play one Pokemon game at the same time with over 3000 live viewers standing by to see how it works – but hey there’s always room for more.