Valentine’s Day Brings Heartseeker Ashe to League of Legends, Hexakill Mode Follows in a Week

It’s Valentine’s Day and that means love is in the air for everyone.

League of Legends players will get the Bouquet ward skin as well as the Heartseeker Ashe skin both in tune to the romantic holiday.

This will bring new effects to Ashe’s attacks for example her Hawkshot will become a dove with a rose in its beak. Needless to say, there will be ‘hearts all over the world tonight’ and it will go on until February 20.

Stun the competition with Heartseeker Ashe and let would-be gankers know your lane partner is spoken for with the Bouquet ward skin, available for 975 and 640 RP respectively. Grab your Bouquet ward skin quickly because it’s only available until February 20.

That is not all; Riot Games has another announcement to make. A new Featured Gameplay Mode is on its way next week. Hexakill is a 6v6 mode for those who think that 5v5 isn’t enough.

Double junglers, roaming supports and six man wombo combos are all on the table for this new mode. Experiment with team comps and discover new metas as you seek to hear the ultimate announcement, Hexakill.

Hexakill will arrive on Summoner’s Rift on February 20, which means the rules will be the same; the arena will be the same, but the competition will be stronger!

Are you ready?