Titanfall Beta Tips, Tricks and Strategy Video

Titanfall Beta kicked off today and as expected, quite a few people are already having a ball riding those Titans all around the multiplayer maps of the game.

Just in case you wanted to learn a bit more about the gameplay, Respawn Entertainment has released a video with some of the tips and tricks that would come in handy.

The video runs for a little longer than four minutes where Respawns team members, including lead artist Joel Emslie, community manager Abbie Heppe and producer Drew McCoy give you their best advice on how to excel in the game.

First off, you’re going to want to stay off the lower ground as much as possible.

If you want to survive for a longer time, your best bet is to get to higher ground as soon as possible. Moreover, making use of the walls will do you good; kicking yourself off a wall will give you a greater flow to help you move forward in a faster pace.

Whether you are playing Titanfall beta or the full game when it releases, they also advise that you avoid enemy pilots rodeo you. You should jump out of your Titan and shoot them off or call in your allies to take care of him. Otherwise, you will be leaving your Titan vulnerable to his fire.

Last but not the least, being in a Titan doesn’t mean you charge in all the time, think of it like a martial arts match; you wait for the right time to strike even though you have the power to put the enemy down. Naturally, you’d want to use the Titan when the tradeoff between dealing damage and taking it is in your favor.

This is not all, there are tons of tips in the video above watch it yourself and let us know if you learnt anything new to use in the Titanfall Beta.