Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball 3DS Haggles With Real Money

During the Nintendo Direct broadcast yesterday, there was a new game announcement with Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball on 3DS. It will essentially be a free download that has some strings attached.

This news was followed directly after their release of Steel Diver: Sub Wars, which Nintendo has dropped on the eShop right now. That was the first free-to-play game announced by the company, but Rusty will be a little different.

Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball is a series of mini-games that you can unlock, by talking to dog and sports veteran Rusty Slugger, in his Animal Crossing-looking shop. Here, you’ll need to haggle to purchase the games at the lowest price possible.

In a strange turn of events, the price of the mini-game you’re negotiating on in the game will reflect the real money you’ll need to spend for the download. Luckily, it’s possible to get the price down with the use of items, such as donuts and nose hair trimmers.

Games will vary around every aspect of baseball, from hitting to umpiring. In some games, you take a bat and hit balls to bring down UFOs, for instance.

Another game mode has you throw a pitch towards a bullseye target. For more outlandish features, you’ll be able to carve your own bat. Go with Wonderbat.

Some info can be taken from the screenshots, which we’ll post below. Most importantly, the takeaway is that a game could have a regular cost of $4, before haggling.

Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball will release for Nintendo 3DS in April of 2014.