Pokemon Battle Trozei Announced and Slated for Release on March 20

Today’s Nintendo Direct presentation brought forward a welcome surprise for the Pokemon fans in the form of a follow up to 2006’s Pokemon Trozei. Pokemon Battle Trozei is a 3DS based puzzle game that was confirmed through an introductory trailer at the event.

Pokemon Battle Trozei takes a different line on the franchise where you battle Pokemon in order to capture them through fast paced puzzles. Once a Pokemon is captured, it is called a Trozei, and the ultimate objective will be to Trozei all the Pokemon in the game.

Talking of the Pokemon in the game, it features every single Pokemon we have known so far including all the new Pokemon introduced in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

The gameplay, as you can see from the trailer above, is going to be similar to Puzzles and Dragons; the bottom screen is where you will match Pokemon in groups of three, and the battle will take place on the top screen.

Battles will be held according to Pokemon types and will feature the same weaknesses that other Pokemon games have. The game will also support a co-op play of up to four players.

Pokemon Battle Trozei will hit the North American market on March 20, 2014 for a price of $7.99. It will also be released in the European market a week before that i.e. March 13, 2014 under the name Pokemon Link Battle.