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Nintendo Free-to-Play Steel Diver: Sub Wars Out On 3DS

One of the surprises of yesterday’s Nintendo Direct broadcast was the imminent announcement of Steel Diver: Sub Wars, exclusively on 3DS. It’s available for download right now on the Nintendo eShop.

What’s special about this game is that it’s the first ever free-to-play launched project from the company. In its basic download format, players can access its multiplayer component, as well as a select amount of additional content.

In Steel Diver: Sub Wars, it’s possible to operate a submarine, viewed from a cockpit perspective. Therefore, environments will all be aquatic, though there is a difference in surface and underwater locations.

Naturally, the trailer mostly depicts the premium version of Steel Diver: Sub Wars, which isn’t exactly a nickel and dime operation at a steady and reasonable price of €9.99 on the Nintendo eShop. This will grant you access to all singleplayer objectives, as well as more unlocked items.

In the offline missions, you’ll perform actions such as gliding through rings in Pilotwings style or move on to take out fleets of ships and other subs. With the free version, you still get to taste the first two chapters, out of a possible seven.

Moreover, the full version adds a ton more submarines to own, with 18 of these in total. Better subs yield higher stats, but can also man more crew.

Depending on the vehicle, one to five crew members can join the fight. They’ll enhance the experience by lending their respective skills.

For an additional touch, submarines can be painted in different sets of camouflage.

Multiplayer can be taken offline or online. It pits a team of 4 against another 4 players.

You’ll need to use your sonar to detect others. With a masker, you’ll also be able to briefly go into stealth mode.

Diving underwater will use an air meter. Refilling it will require resurfacing.

Similarly, torpedoes can be fired off and need to recharge when depleted. It’s also possible to receive things like homing missiles from supply crates.

We’ll make things easy for you and add a QR Code to download the free version of Steel Diver: Sub Wars below.

Steel Diver F2P QR Code