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Hawken Moves to Steam

Hawken, a first-person online mech-shooter, is now available on Steam.

Announcing the news today, developer Adhesive Games stated that in order to bring its game to a broader audience, transitioning to Valve’s online platform was necessary. The move however will mean a few changes in how existing and new players need to approach the game from now onwards.

Firstly all Hawken players will now require a Steam account in order to play. Prior to this players only needed the game’s client, which now is only going to be accessible through Steam.

That said, the ability to create new accounts on will be limited to users who purchase an “Early Access” bundle on Steam which costs $30. This is so that the developers can test the game’s Steam integration with the current and forth coming users. Existing players though will not be required to make that bundle purchase.

Secondly the existing game installation folder has to be removed by current users. With the Steam transition, players will need to download the game anew, which will now be updated through Steamworks.

Finally Meteor Credit purchases will now only be available using Steam Wallet.

The month of February will be spent in stress testing and ironing out the kinks in the game. The developers expect Hawken to be fully loaded to go with account creations active for everyone by next month.

The reason we’re approaching our release in this manner is so we can slowly ramp up to a full Steam launch. By the time our full February release is good to go, we want all of our existing users to have already made the transition over to Steam. This should help reduce the stress on our services immensely.

For more details on the game’s transition to Steam, the developers have outlined a comprehensive guide for players to follow on their website.

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