Guild Series Weapon Shop de Omasse Out On 3DS

One of the announcements of yesterday’s Nintendo Direct broadcast revealed more info on earlier news, pointing to the arrival of Weapon Shop de Omasse on 3DS. It’s available for download right now on the European eShop even.

Some may have heard from Weapon Shop de Omasse before, as it was part of the Guild series of games, released as collaborative bundles in Japan. These were sold separately in other regions and featured games from developer Level-5, along with design veterans like Keiji Inafune from old Capcom fame or Suda 51.

For Weapon Shop de Omasse, the developer partnered with comedian Yoshiyuki Hirai, to give a brand new take on roleplaying quests. Instead of fighting the good fight, you’ll be in charge of setting it up.

Players manage a shop, where heroes come in to place orders for epic gear. You’ll be tasked with making the best items possible and let the others take the glory of conquest.

Gameplay will be set in a rhythm game design, where you smash the screen at the right time, to mold the metals optimally by chaining successful hits. As you forge better materials, the heroes will be able to slay more powerful foes, aiding to your fame.

In turn, successful quests will yield special items that can once more be used to imbue gear with extra properties. It serves everyone to produce the best possible results.

Weapon Shop de Omasse was the last game still missing from the Guild series. A current sale on the Nintendo eShop has a discount for most of the other titles, like Attack of the Friday Monsters and Liberation Maiden.

There’s a list of screenshots out for the game as well, to give you an idea.