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Beware of the Trojanized Flappy Bird Clones on Google Playstore

According to Trend Micro Security Agency, various Trojan-invaded versions of Flappy Bird are circulating Google Play Store which pose an imminent threat on user’s personal information and money.

In case you do not know, Flappy Bird was taken out from iTunes and Google Play Store earlier this month owning to some strange reasons (primarily being too addictive).

However, it looks like despite of its annoying and frustrating gameplay, some people have developed some kind of fondness to the game. And this is why; multiple clones of the original game are circulating the Android Marketplace.

In a recent report by Trend Micro, these clones are actually ‘Premium Service Abusers’ which tend to send-in unwanted text messages which show in your phone bills. Check out the full report below:

All of the fake versions we’ve seen so far are Premium Service Abusers — apps that send messages to premium numbers, thus causing unwanted charges to victims’ phone billing statements. As seen below, the fake Flappy Bird app asks for the additional read/send text messages permissions during installation — one that is not required in the original version. After the game is installed and launched, the app will then begin sending messages to premium numbers.

And the truly outrageous thing is that you will not be notified while the process is being carried out:

And while the user is busy playing the game, this malware stealthily connects to a C&C server through Google Cloud Messaging to receive instructions. Our analysis of the malware revealed that through this routine, the malware sends text messages and hides the notifications of received text messages with certain content.

Furthermore, these apps are said to retrieve your personal information like Gmail accounts, credit cards, phone numbers, etc. I would highly advise you NOT to fall for these scams and save yourself from the trouble – the game has been taken out for good.

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