Titanfall Beta Will Take 12.3GB of Your Hard Drive – Get Yourself Ready

Less than 24 hours left in the big day! And no, I am not talking about Valentine’s Day; February 14 is also the date when Titanfall beta goes live. The lucky fellas who have received their beta codes will want to know that it will take around 12.3GB of your storage space. You better make space if your hard disk is full.

An image was shared by someone among the people who have received the beta codes through the early access. It shows the game being downloaded through Origin as well as the total size of the beta which is 12.38GB to be exact.

titanfall beta

The size of the installation is a little smaller than what other new games are getting these days; for example, Elder Scrolls Online beta took up almost 25GB. Even the beta versions of other shooter games require a larger space than 12GB these days.

In the case of Titanfall beta, this could be because the game is primarily multiplayer only and it would have been a lot heftier had there been a proper story mode included in it.

Titanfall beta starts tomorrow on February 14 but you can download the game any time you get your code.

In the end, we have something to keep your excitement floating. A video of the game’s PC version was shared this week at an EA event. Running for a little longer than four minutes, it shows off combat from the point of view of the pilot as well as the Titan. Check it out above.

How many of you have managed to get your hands on the Titanfall beta code?