The Lego Movie Videogame Pants Locations Guide

You can find one pant in each chapter of the game. Some of them can be found in Story Mode while for the rest, you will have to venture in the Free Play mode.

The Lego Movie Videogame Pants Locations

There are total of 15 pairs of pant that are available to collect. Their locations are as follows:

Pant #1Bricksburg Construction
Location: You must get three awesome scores in dance mini-games by the end of the game. If you do the pants will appear by the stereo. (Story Mode)

Pant #2Escape From Bricksburg
Location: After getting the third instructions use the hack machine in the left corner and head into the next room. Follow the path until you get the door open with the pants. (Free Play)

Pant #3Flatbush Gulch
Location: Upon reaching the camp, in the back right corner will be a gate with a gold lock you can melt, do so and then get to the roof of the barn and drill the spot, the pants are in the barn. (Free Play)

Pant #4Flatbush Rooftops
Location: When you have destroyed the three ladders, cross the bridge and jump down, use Unikitty to destroy the rainbow bricks and head inside. Head over to the window and interact with it. Shoot 10 bed guys and the pants are yours. (Free Play)

Pant #5Escape from Flatbush
Location: At the beginning of the level fly to the left and destroy gold hatch, go inside and blow up the safe on the right, use both switches. The left one the two tan ones are at the top and bottom, the right one the two greens are on top and bottom. (Free Play)

Pant #6Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land
Location: When you head up the stairs, before you do the secret knock, head over to the left and fly towards the rainbow behind the clouds. Stand on the rainbow springboard and you will get the pants. (Free Play)

Pant #7Attack on Cloud Cuckoo Land
Location: When get eaten by the chicken, fly to the far left of the area and you will see 6 gold doors, melt each and then use Green Lantern to build the LEGO’s. Grab the pair of pants. (Free Play)

Pant #8Escape from Cloud Cuckoo Land
Location: After gaining the little village on the right, fly to the far right and you will see a box with a gold lock on it. Destroy the lock, and then use Green Lantern to build the pieces and the minikit will appear. (Free Play)

Pant #9The Depths
Location: Once you get to the second area, the first one after the ship floods, continue along the path until you see some gold rocks on the left, destroy them and head through.

There are three gold puffer fish you must destroy. The first is right at the beginning. (1/3) The second is in the middle of the open area just after the first. (2/3) The third one is just above the second one in a hidden path. (3/3) (Free Play)

Pant #10Infiltrate the Octan Tower
Location: When you start the level, go to the right corner and set a fire in front of the door. Inside put the numbers up on the wheel, of the three not on the wheel, one is on the right, one in the middle and one on the left. After you complete the puzzle the pants will appear.(Free Play)

Pant #11Put that Thing on the Thing
Location: During the dance mini-game you must get 9 awesome scores, if you do the pants will appear. (Attainable in Story)

Pant #12Broadcast News
Location: When you have played the magic game, go to the he next little area to the right, with the red couches, and fly up and you will see the pants. (Free Play)

Pant #13Back From Reality
Location: When you reach Crater Site, it is the area with the fire blocking the stairs, head to the right into the crater. In the back left corner is a Lord Business switch, use it and then defeat the 8 enemies for the pants. (Free Play)

Pant #14Bricksburg Under Attack
Location: When in the second area, right above Joe Plumbing truck is another roof. On the roof use the Lord Business switch in the right corner and then turn off the switch on the left wall.

Next use Unikitty to break the rainbow blocks and run in, to grab the pants. (Free Play)

Pant #15The Final Showdown
Location: From the ground level, one level up on the left will be a giant gold billboard, cut it out and the pants will be right behind it. (Free Play)