Stick It To The Man: Wii U Release Confirmed for Spring

UK publisher Ripstone has confirmed today that its indie platformer, Stick it to the Man, will release for the Wii U this spring.

Posting on Twitter, the publisher revealed that the new Wii U version will include touchscreen controls and will allow players to control the minds of the characters through the Gamepad.

Time to spill! Drumroll please… #StickItGame is coming to #WiiU this Spring! Lookin good Zoink! 🙂

Other than that, Ripstone didn’t give any more details. However, Nintendo’s next Direct Broadcast is almost upon us and perhaps new details will be included in there.

Featuring cross-platform play, the game is already available on the PS3 and Vita, as well as the PC and Mac.

Stick it to the Man is a humorous and adventurous point-and-click title that also has various elements of stealth and platforming. With its quirky dialogues and charming art-style, Ripstone looks to provide an entertaining, yet a challenging gameplay experience.