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Steam Game Blood of the Werewolf Cheap On IndieGameStand

This deal on IndieGameStand for PC game Blood of the Werewolf is probably something to pounce on immediately. For just a few days, it’s possible to nab this interesting side-scrolling title at a low price and get sweet Steam keys in return.

What’s so good about it, you ask? Well, first of all, it used its 2D setting to simulate a theme reminiscent of Castlevania titles. Those are in, right now.

More so than just that, this hand-drawn title brings the pain in such a gloriously masochistic way. Before long, platform sections will devolve into pure hellish locations, where players get squashed, fired upon and ambushed from all sides.

Adding some more depth to the action, the story also progresses in two different facets. On one side, the huntress Selena can use a bow to hold off swooping bats and other nasty creatures.

When times get tough, the character can also transform into a powerful wolf, which has a bit more slashing power.  During certain intervals, they’ll also meet with gigantic bosses that will test skills even further.

Blood of the Werewolf really channels the spirit of old platform giants. It even comes with a mandatory elevator level and some nods to Battletoads, because it wants you to fail. It’s up to you to prove the game wrong.

IndieGameStand allows its users to opt for a pay-what-you-want model, making the game as cheap as just $1. Additional goodies can be bagged for just a little bit more.

Blood of the Werewolf is published by the recently erected Midnight City, which also brought Slender to PC and ported Double Dragon: Neon to Steam this month.