Nintendo Wins Munich Court Ruling Against SR Tronic With €1 Million Fine

In a recent ruling by the Supreme Court of Munich, Nintendo has been awarded a favorable ruling against SR Tronic, which comes with a 1 million Euro fine for the latter party. In particular, the ruling states that copy devices that are made to play pirated copies of games are deemed to be illegal.

Nintendo hereby wants to affirm once more that the prime reason for the manufacturing of “deceptive devices,” such as R4 cards, is to play pirated copies of games. It links this to a recent ruling by the European Court of Justice, which left some ambiguity on the legality of these practices, in a case against PC Box.

In addition, Nintendo has stated that it will use this result to sue manufacturers, stores and import companies of these deceptive devices.

It further on states in its release that it takes these actions, not only out of self-preservation, but also for the benefit of over 1400 companies involved in the development and sale of legitimate video games.

As an addendum, the ruling does state that this verdict is still up for appeal. Even so, Nintendo is confident that any eventual appeal would result in rulings consistent with the current judgments from the European and German courts so far.

Would this ruling mean the end for R4 cards and emulation of pirated copies on Nintendo devices? It’s unlikely that piracy can ever be stopped, but it should be a blow regardless.

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