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MGS5: Ground Zeroes Campaign Ends in 90 Mins with 10% Game Completion Only

It looks like a lot of people from among the press got to play Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes. We are actually glad they did, the questions being raised about the length of MGS5: Ground Zeroes have at last been answered decisively.

Journalists revealed their impressions at a hands-on event for the game recently and a lot of them went on to tweet what they experienced.

To start off, the main mission only accounts for 9 percent of the whole game (up to 22 percent for certain journalists); this should tell you all that you have been asking.

So that settles it; MGS5: Ground Zeroes really has a short main campaign (which has a total of five missions), but there still is a lot more to play with. Just like Kojima said.

For those interested in the content, the main mission of the game has two cut-scenes one of which has already been shared. Other than that, at least one of the scenes in the game is going to be pretty horrid as one of the journalists said that “it features one of the most gruesome scenes I can remember in a game.”

When you are actually playing the game, don’t just enjoy the game alone, Kojima has ensured that the ending is equally shocking – and exciting. We are not sure what the surprise will actually be, but one thing is for sure, it would make you want to play the game again.

Oh and some of the people who got their hands on it are saying that the PS4 version plays far better than the Xbox One version.

So, who’s going to be geared for MGS5: Ground Zeroes when it releases no March 18?