Last Borderlands 2 DLC & Fifth for Headhunter Pack Releases April 15

Gearbox Software’s celebrated first-person shooter Borderlands 2 is going to get its last DLC in two months time. Titled Sir Hammerlock vs. The Son of Crawmerax, the DLC will be the fifth installment in the Headhunter mini-series.

The last Borderlands 2 DLC has been known for a while now though no release date has been announced so far. What we have known about the contents is that it will bring you to an abandoned resort where the Vault Hunters don the head of a crab worm. It will also have certain beach themed skins that you will be able to unlock after defeating the boss.

Sir Hammerlock has been kidnapped, and now the Vault Hunters will rescue him by tracking a new kind of Mutated Badass Varkid. Moving on, the vault hunters will also fight a new raid boss – for the last time.

Borderlands 2 was released back in September 2012 and since then it has received four campaign expansions, two new classes and two upgrade packs. Borderlands 2 will be released to PS Vita in spring.

The last Borderlands 2 DLC, Sir Hammerlock vs. The Son of Crawmerax will set you back $2.99 when it releases on April 15.