Flappy Bird PTC Edition Lets you Play the Game on 3DS and DSi

Flappy Bird might have been taken down from Google Play and the App Store, but the game lives on. Thanks to the Petit Computer application you will now be able to play Flappy Bird PTC Edition on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DSi.

The game might have been flawed or simply annoying, but there is no denying that people want to play it like crazy. We recently learnt that the developer unexpectedly took the game down leaving all the fans thinking where they would get it from if they didn’t already have it.

Worry no more; you just need a 3DS or a DSi in your hands. Recent debates over Twitter led people to the QR codes for Flappy Bird PTC Edition. Reportedly, this version of the game plays using the DSiWare application Petit Computer.

The application also happens to be available on the 3DS eShop, so the people having a 3DS canmake use of it if they are crazy enough for the game. Petit Computer is a programming tool so anyone who wants to play the game will have to construct it using the QR code.

You may find the Flappy Bird QR Code here.

The Petit Computer uses basic coding of the app to clone the game for the handheld but obviously, the game is the same unlike the innumerable clones that you see on the App Store and Google Play these days.