EA May Revisit NBA Jam If Gamers Ask For It

It had been nearly two years since anything was said on the official Twitter profile of NBA Jam, and suddenly a tweet was made out of the blue, creating a mild frenzy all over.

I am sure most of you would want to get another taste of the NBA Jam, and I think EA knows that too.

Looking at the tweet alone might not have given us hope that this could be related to an NBA Jam sequel but the profile being awakened suddenly surely does.

Check out the tweet that is apparently teasing what could be the re-re-return of the game.

NBA Jam started as an arcade game developed by Midway in 1993, rebooted in 2003 for PlayStation 2 and Xbox by Acclaim Studios Austin, followed by another game in 2010 which was released to Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. An enhanced digital version of the game titled NBA Jan: On Fire Edition was released in 2011.

No official announcement has been made by EA and so far, the unambiguous tweet is all we have to play with. If EA actually churns out the NBA Jam game this year, it will hopefully be a next generation title.

How many of you would like to revisit the long-running fan favorite basketball title? Let us know your comments.