Destiny Vehicles Include ‘Shrike’ for Personal Transport

Today, a post was made on the Destiny website that details another addition to the already extensive list of Destiny vehicles. The transport is called ‘Shrike’ and from the looks of it, it is one badass futuristic motorbike!

“If you are a knight of the City, this is your steed,” says Tom Doyle the Art Lead at Bungie. He went on to explain why he believes that, saying:

The ability to summon a vehicle on demand turns you and your friends into a futuristic biker gang. Getting from point A to point B should be fun… not a menu option. The Shrike is something that you’ll upgrade over time in Destiny. Right off the bat, the Shrike has three distinct paint schemes that correspond to your particular Class. Each paint scheme has its own distinct color palette to reflect progression.

You will of course have a lot of ground to cover while guarding the last city that has survived on earth. For those purposes, you will need a ground vehicle and that is where the Shrike comes in. The sleek, nimble, and fast ride is definitely classy enough to make you feel like the member of a biker gang – though I’d say being a ‘Guardian’ is a much better job.

What’s more, it can travel at breakneck speed and still be reliable.

Shrike is just one among a long list of Destiny vehicles, we hope Bungie will keep pouring us in on the rest as we wait for September 9, 2014 i.e. the release date.