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Bound by Flame Releasing for PS3 and PS4 in Q2 2014

Bound by Flame, an action RPG by Spider Studio, is releasing for the PS3 and PS4 sometime in Q2 this year.

The game is set in a dark fantasy universe and from the pretty screenshots looks to combine the best of both Dark Souls and Skyrim. Of course that’s our perception and Spider Studio does not have that intention. However, that doesn’t stop the game from demanding and getting our attention.

Following the recent release of an overview trailer, project manager Walid Miled posted on the PlayStation Blog today to inform us more about the game.

In the storyline of Bound by Flame, seven evil Icelords have taken over the world by raising an army of undead and wiping everything living. The player will be filling the shoes of Vulcan, a mercenary and explosives expert. Getting himself possessed by a powerful fire demon, the player must venture forward into the unknown to find the answer to… something.

Miled’s post ends there as he doesn’t want to ruin the story for us. Instead the project manager teased that we’ll have to find for ourselves what Vulcan’s mission is.

A lot of time and focus has been given to the game’s gameplay experience by keeping variety in mind. In the case of Skyrim, the combat mechanics were pretty boring. Here though Spider Studio is offering “different fighting styles as well as an in-depth equipment upgrade and customization system.” All of your equipment, from sword to boots, can be upgraded through crafting, as long as you gather enough ingredients.

We really wanted you guys to feel like you could build the armor and the weapons you want to wear and use. Also, keep in mind that upgrading is not for looks only, and each of the customizations you’ll make will directly impact your characteristics and dramatically influence combat outcome.

Bound by Flame is also in development for the Xbox 360 and PC.

Source: PlayStation Blog