Arma 3 To Get Zeus DLC For Dungeons & Dragons Play

Publisher Bohemia Interactive has announced free downloadable content (DLC) for Arma 3, which will come in the second quarter of 2014. This Zeus DLC, as it is called, will allow a select amount of players to alter the multiplayer dynamic of the popular PC military simulation.

In its release, Bohemia Interactive admits to use inspiration from classic Dungeons & Dragons models, where a Game Master oversees the play of others. Here, some of these overseers will be able to dynamically change the rules of the game, as it is happening in real time.

In the reveal trailer, the master looking in on the playing field can be seen adding new elements. It’s possible to spawn new vehicles or set up road blocks and other materials.

Zeus concepts will work for existing game modes, such as Team Deathmatch and Sector Control, but there will also be a separate Zeus Game Master mode, where objectives and other things can freely join the game.

This DLC will work a little bit different than the custom missions Arma 3 employs now, which gives its community a bunch of diverging objectives built with the game’s editor. It’s still possible to amass a wildly different way to play the game through these modes, but it will be more dynamic for Zeus.

After a release schedule that left the game a little void of pinpointed content, it’s reassuring to see Arma 3 take the reins and fill up its roster with new elements, an actual campaign and so on. It took a while, but it does, luckily, have a huge community creating content of its own.

In all likelihood, the Zeus DLC will bring a ton of additional features as well.