Amazon Websites List Xbox One Media Remote with March 4 Release

When the Xbox One launched with a full-fledged focus on entertainment and gaming, Microsoft also showcased its TV features. You must have noted that it still didn’t pack a remote control. Well, it seems like Microsoft plans to set that right by introducing Xbox One Media Remote.

Amazon Canada listed the Xbox One Media Remote for a short while and later thought (or was told) to remove it – good old mistakes. Although the listing is not there anymore, it can still be accessed through the Google Cache.

That is not it, the same product is listed on Amazon UK as well as the Amazon Italy website which tells us that the listing is not a mere mistake.

Basing our facts on the listing, we know that the Xbox One Media Remote might debut on March 4 unless the reason for the listing being removed from Amazon Italy website was a change of plans at Microsoft offices.

The remote would be priced at 24.99 Canadian Dollars which roughly equal $22.70 in the United States. As far as the features are concerned, the remote is supposed to be loaded with the usual volume and navigation buttons as well as a playback control.

Now, despite the fact that Amazon websites are usually reliable in terms of information, nothing has been confirmed by Microsoft, which means we still have to wait for their word.

The design of the Xbox One Media Remote in the listing is pretty simplistic and doesn’t show a lot of controls. Would you prefer it to be that way or do you think it would tread better if Microsoft adds more detailed features to it as well? Let us know in comments.