Titanfall Beta Trailer Shows Off Pilot Being Ripped Out of a Mech

The beta version of Titanfall has been confirmed for February 14, approximately a month before the official release date of the game. Just in time for that, Respawn Entertainment has released the Titanfall beta trailer so that we know what the game will offer come Valentine’s Day. Sounds like a plan if you don’t have a date.

It is a short one minute video that features glimpses of the gameplay from the point of view of a Titan as well as a Soldier. You will obviously go ahead and watch the video but in case you want to know; it shows a Titan ripping out an enemy pilot from a mech like you squash a fly.

Couple of seconds further into the trailer, you will see how a Titan crushes the solider as he tries to takeover a unit. The whole action is pretty fast paced, I imagine adrenaline rush when you are actually playing the game.

Check out the Titanfall beta trailer above and tell us what you think of it? The game is set to release on Windows, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on March 11 in North America followed by EU and Australia on March 13 while UK and New Zealand will get it a day later.