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Wedbush Morgan: PlayStation 4 to Outsell Xbox One by 3M Units in 2014 Says

Analyst company Wedbush Morgan has released a report with expected sales figures for the running year with regard to the three major home consoles.

Without any surprise, they have very high expectations from the next generation consoles of Microsoft and Sony.

The report has been written up by Michael Pachter, Nick McKay and Nick Citrin who believe that PlayStation 4 will be the highest selling console in the year 2014. In fact, they are expecting the gap between total sales of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to widen further.

A total of 12 million PlayStation 4 units are expected to be sold in the running year while they think that Xbox One will manage to sell only 9 million. That means Microsoft will be lagging behind by 3 million units as compared to 1.2 million from the last year.

Obviously, one of the major reasons for this will be the release of PlayStation 4 in Sony’s home country, Japan. Other factors cited by the report include the fact that even now, PlayStation 4 is outselling Xbox One in Europe.

Wedbush believes that the problem that is not letting Xbox One to attain better sales is the price tag. They see $499 as a price which is too high though they do take note that Microsoft’s console launch is a success in its own.

The report also predicted that around $12 billion worth of software sales will be transacted in 2014 and that the figure will further increase in the coming years.

What do you think of their predictions regarding Xbox One and PlayStation 4?