Metroid-Inspired Chasm Shows Catacombs Video And Box Art

An update for indie game Chasm has revealed a new trailer for one of its new locations. In this gameplay footage, we get to see the pixel style being used for a Catacombs level.

In a 2D, side-scrolling setting, our hero will need to navigate this subterranean environment through a series of spikes, trap floors and buzz saws. Additionally, one room is depicted as having a rising floor, urging players to keep moving.

On the way, there will also be many perilous jumps to survive in the platform game, with enemies resting on some of the plateaus.

Its pixel art is exactly what 16-bit games used to be, all the way down to a native resolution setting. Except here, the color palette is adjusted to fit the softer tones of today.

In the clip, we hear musical work from Jimi Stevulak. It sounds a bit more western, with a flair of Bastion sounds.

Along with the platform model, Chasm will also use roleplaying elements. Players can equip their character with additional helmets, weapons, shield and spells.

More interestingly, the game will apply the Metroid expansiveness of environments to allow players to roam freely. It will even procedurally generate the rooms, though the latter are handcrafted for a more consistent adventure.

Developer Discord Games is currently working on completing Chasm, after a successful Kickstarter campaign that brought them over $150,000 in funds.

Even its newly released box art is straight out of the SNES era. Look at it; it’s gorgeous.