Jessica Chobot Explains Horror Game Daylight’s Choices

In a recent Playstation blog, gaming personality Jessica Chobot explained her ideas for Daylight. This horror game coming to Playstation 4 and PC will have Chobot for a writer, which is reflected in the game’s story, as well as character choices.

For the inspiration of this title’s creepy environments, Chobot delves from her own youth in Chicago. There, she’d spend time exploring the abandoned structures of the Wayne County Training School for Feeble Minded Children.

In the game, you’ll travel through dilapidated housings from hospitals and underground networks. In real life, those buildings had an entire tunnel maze underneath them as well.

Apparently, this complex was quite extensive. Within the 7-foot walling of it, there would be a hospital center, a gigantic, old-fashioned theatre, dorms, an indoor and outdoor pool, as well as police and fire stations. It’s like a miniature city.

These past events in Jessica Chobot’s life are also part of the reason for choosing a female protagonist in Daylight. To prevent a possible disconnect from a male audience, however, the writer carefully proceeded to opt for minimal voice over work that would indicate a female presence.

Moreover, Daylight is seen in a first person perspective at all times. This should lead the player to personify more with an individual adventure, instead of following the protagonist’s story.

With the procedural generation of environments in this horror game, every experience certainly will feel singular. It’s one of the first titles to opt for the Unreal Engine 4.

Daylight is under production by Zombie Studios, makers of Blacklight Retribution. It will be published by Atlus in “early” 2014.

Jessica Chobot shows us that you can make a career out of licking things and eventually work on some pretty amazing things.