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Could Fable Legends be a Free to Play Title?

We neither know when Fable Legends will release nor do we know what pricing model will it follow, but the Lionhead Studios has hinted that the game may stray off towards a free to play model.

John Needham, the CEO of Lionhead Studios was interviewed about the developer’s plans regarding Fable Legends and when he was asked whether they would release the game as a free to play title, he said:

We haven’t talked about the business model yet. We’re just trying to build a great game.

Now, that is not really a ‘no,’ which means that there could be a possibility which they obviously won’t disclose yet. In the past, we have seen how the free to play model does more harm to the gaming experience for many.

The element of micro transactions is relied on pretty heavily at times, which results in the players eventually ending up spending more than expected – or worse, ruin the game for themselves by lagging behind.

That being said, there is no doubt in the fact that Lionhead is really putting itself into the development of the game. It is already established that they will keep up with the community through updates and expansions.

There are lots of examples in the MMOG world of keeping players engaged for that length of time, with new content constantly flowing into the game, and bolting on new [modes] into your game to keep it fresh. It all comes down to listening to your community, building content into the game that they want, and then iterating upon that.

Would you prefer Fable Legends to be a free to play game or not?

Fable Legends is expected to come out in fall 2013 or early 2015 though no one at Microsoft Studios or Lionhead Studios have confirmed anything yet.