DayZ Standalone FPS and Performance Issues To Be Fixed With Patch

Today is the day when the new experimental build of DayZ Standalone is supposed to go live. As much as that is welcome news, the new experimental build is also experiencing bugs on a larger scale. There have been reports of the FPS being dropped as well as a severe GPU memory leak bug. Rest assured though, the devs are churning out fixes as we speak.

Dean Hall accepted on his Twitter that the matters required urgent attention and has also assured that the new patch on experimental has fixed the GPU bug, the game will not be affected by it when it goes on the live servers.

While explaining the bug in question, Hall said that the fix would take care of texture flickering and the eventual filling up of VRAM and FPS drop. This is what led the game to crash on later stages.

He was also asked whether this will fix the bug that led to screen lag, his response was that “it may help with that.”

There have been other areas in the DayZ Standalone that need attention; for instance, a guy with a 270x GPU and FX8350 CPU said that when he joins a server the texture take quite a long time to load. Hall has assured that even this will be fixed with the patch.

Apparently, the new experimental build of DayZ Standalone isn’t as incredible as we expected it to be, but hopefully the incoming fixes will take care of the bugs.