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Combined Game Bundles With 2K Games and Bethesda Hits

In an unusual cooperation between publishers, 2K Games and Bethesda Softworks have announced the release of game bundles with four of their best games. Two bundles will each include one title from each company. Here is what you can get:

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim & BioShock Infinite Bundle
  • The Borderlands 2 & Dishonored Bundle

Each package deal separately will set you back $29.99 and these are available in North America for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Hopefully, it will make its way across regions shortly.

Slightly less enticing though, all downloadable content (DLC) for the games in question isn’t included. In the Bioshock and Skyrim bundle, however, you’ll receive the original BioShock within the package promotion, for a total of three games.

We’d recommend either one, but it’s a pretty clever pairing of titles that have long-lasting value. In one deal, Skyrim will keep you occupied for about a thousand hours and in the other one, you can get hundreds hours of entertainment from Borderlands 2 and several dozen on Dishonored.

Maybe a brief explanation will sway you to get some game bundles.

In Skyrim, you take on a massive open world, where every nook and cranny is another dungeon or event waiting to be explored.

Fans of narrative have to play Bioshock Infinite, where current topics make it to an unparalleled atmosphere of Americana with a side of action sequences.

If you like guns and cheap thrills, Borderlands 2 has that in open worlds as well, which are also available in multiplayer.

For Dishonored, you’ll need more patience, as this completely open environment is one for sneaky players, though you can also just kill everything with some flashy skills.

This 2K Games and Bethesda Softworks game bundles collaboration has our capitalist stamp of approval.