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Battlefield 4: Next Community Challenge, Destroy 50 Million Vehicles

DICE today announced a new community challenge for Battlefield 4 players which tasks them to destroy 50 million vehicles across all platforms in the next six days. Doing so will net everyone a Gold Battlepack because we’re clearly very short of them.

The challenge will officially commence of February 13 at 7 a.m. PST and conclude on February 19 at 7 a.m. PST. If successful, the Gold Battlepack will be handed out to everyone on February 27.

You can also track the progress of this mission on Battlelog under the “Missions” tab.

February is Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month where logging into the game every day rewards you with a bronze or silver Battlepack. There are more community missions and the first challenge was held earlier this month. Players were tasked with knifing and collecting 10 million dog tags. The challenge was successful and the reward which is yet another Gold Battlepack will be rewarded to everyone on February 20.

A new update is going live for the game tomorrow. No details have yet been posted but DICE has revealed to be launching even more servers for the game tomorrow.

Source: Battlefield Blog