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Xbox One March Update will Focus on Social Features Courtesy of Titanfall Release

The second major patch of Microsoft’s next-gen console, Xbox One March update is being labeled as a pre-Titanfall update. It will look to enhance the console’s party and friends features among a long list of areas that will soon be disclosed.

That is not all; Marc Whitten Xbox’s Chief Product Officer has also stated that the Xbox One March update will add more to the system than the improvements to social features:

The improvements to multiplayer and parties are just a few of the features that will be included, and we’ll continue to share more details in the days and weeks ahead, including in-depth videos so you’re all ready to take advantage of the new features in March.

Among the highlighted areas that the update will aim at, we know that Microsoft plans to change the Activity feature with a Social tab so that users can use it to go directly to the friends list. Just like it was with Xbox 360, this will tell you who is online and who is not.

Moving on, audio party chat will be separated from the game chat so that people can activate or deactivate it separately. Inviting players to multiplayer modes will be easier through a standardized option.

Xbox One March update is scheduled to go live on March 4 and will be the second update after the recently delayed first Xbox One update.