World of Tanks Confrontation is a Dangerous Nation vs. Nation Mode

War games have known to include experimental models of vehicles (per say tanks, aircrafts and what not) in their games just so that people could get a taste of what those models would have felt like back in time.

Now, has gone a step further and introduced an experimental game mode. Although World of Tanks Confrontation is dangerous and unbalanced, it’s exciting!

Brought forward by the Update 8.11, World of Tanks Confrontation is playable for all the tiers except the ones with Chinese or Japanese tanks. What happens is that tanks from two different nations are grouped together in a team.

The unbalanced aspect is surely evident, grouping together two nations’ best Tanks would result in a lot of machines turning to debris won’t it?

Also, the update 8.11 has brought a European winter battle arena called Windstorm and a redone version of Himmelsdorf which will now be seen draped in winters. It also introduces Ruinberg featuring which is wet and fiery.

The update is already live in Europe though Asia will get it tomorrow; South Korea and US follow in on Thursday.

How many of you would like to test your skills in World of Tanks Confrontation, something that could be bloodier, nastier and dangerous?