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Today’s Xbox One Update Delayed Until Later this Week

It isn’t really the best of days for a company like Microsoft when the first major Xbox One update gets delayed despite assurances that it will be released on time. The first Xbox One update was scheduled to go live today i.e. February 11, but it has been delayed until the end of this week.

Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson tweeted early-morning today that the February system update will not be shipped until later this week. I expect it won’t be here until the end of the week now. He further said that the team was still working on finalizing the features.

Recently we were informed about the areas that the update will attend to. Although the list is not complete, but it is expected to improve the Kinect commands, add functionality to manage storage, add battery power indicator for controllers and introduce USB keyboard support.

This Xbox One update is supposed to be one of the two scheduled major updates for the next gen console. The second one is expected to come out next month on March 4. It will mostly focus on Xbox One’s party and friends’ features.

The release date of February 11 was announced only recently. Do you think they should not have put a date on it in the first place if it had to be changed only days after?