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Thief “Stories From the City” Part 3 Introduces the Thief-Taker General

Eidos Montreal has today released the third and final part in its “Stories From the City” video series that focuses on the Thief Taker General, Commander of the Baron’s Watch.

The character is described to be Garrett’s key adversary when the master Thief returns to the City. He isn’t too keen on having thieves in his plague-ridden land, let alone one like Garrett who does more than just stealing.

As Commander of the Baron’s Watch, it’s his job to capture the “master thief” Garrett and make an example out of him. Our Thief though, is none too fond of the General as well, who likes to “enforce an exorbitant black tax on members of the underworld” and hang those who are unable to pay up.

You can find out just what Garrett has in plan for the Thief-Taker General when the game releases this month on February 28 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

According to Eidos, the PC version is not simply a port of the console version and will feature enhancements that will bring the City to life. You of course will be requiring a good rig to achieve this feat.