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Starter Guide to EverQuest Next: Landmark

You will begin your journey in Everquest Next: Landmark Alpha with Stone pick, Stone Axe, Claim Flag and an Add Tool. Depending upon the level Founder’s Pack you purchased, you’ll also get a little extra, but these are the bare minimum items. You’ll have to craft everything else.

You’ll start your journey in the Hub; it will contain the Portal Spire. There will be a Portal Spire on every island. You can’t dig within the immediate Hub area, so there is no point in trying.

There will be a crafting station in the HUB called Stone Forge. It will help you to learn how to make the other crafting stations. You will find a recipe for creating your own Stone Forge and crafting your own things, and you will not have to return to Hub. The recipe is: 10 Elemental Copper, 15 Copper Ingots, and 2000 Stone.

You can use your Stone Axe, and Stone Pick for Mining and Harvesting in the game. Veins of Ore and gems can be found on the ground all over the world. They’re pretty easy to spot because they come in bright colors.

You should mine all the way into the ore veins. It will help you find the rare material counterpart. Here’re all ore and gems found in each tier available in the alpha, and their rare counterparts:

Tier 1: Copper > Tin, Agate > Tourmaline

Tier 2: Iron > Silver, Aquamarine > Topaz

Tier 3: Tungsten > Gold, Amethyst > Emerald

More gems can be found in the desert areas of the game rather than the forests. Ingots are versions of each ore refined at a crafting station, and Elemental Ore drops randomly from each vein.

If you dig yourself in a hole that you are unable to dig out of, you can choose to use “Respawn to Ground” option in the game menu. You should make a grappling hook for yourself as soon as possible. It looks great and eventually you will not be able to walk up to any steep incline.

At start, you will have limited building tools but you can craft more using the recipes in the crafting station. You can put items in the chests but to access them, you will have to open the same chest. Vaults also store items but they allow you to access the items from any claim you have added the vault to.

The game is just in Alpha state so be patient with bugs, crashes and resets of the game. SOE has given a tip for players who are trying to find all the Burled Wood needed for later crafting recipes:

To greatly increase the speed of Burled Wood harvesting: Put on your Mastercraft Bracer, craft yourself a pair of +2 Discovery (Blue) Keen Eye Bands, then craft Copper Axes until you get a blue or legendary with high (99?) speed and decent damage. Yes, it takes some copper and wood to pull this off, but it is WELL worth the effort as you climb the tool progression.

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