Pokemon Diancie Revealed, Will be Part of Upcoming Movie

All the news regarding Pokemon Transporter and Pokemon Bank has kept us busy for quite a while but there is still space for some more information. The ever-increasing number of Pokemon has received another addition.

The latest edition of CoroCoro has revealed that Pokemon #719 is on its way. It is called Diancie and will appear in an upcoming movie.

What we know so far is that Pokemon Diancie is Rock/Fairy type, but that is all we know. The movie that will introduce it to the Pokemon fans is called Cocoon of Destruction & Diancie, when translated literally.

You can check out the design of Diancie in the image below:

pokemon diancie

The Pokemon Diancie has been mysterious since a while now. It had been leaked back in November 2013 along with two other Pokemon named Hoopa and Volcanion who are to be a Ghost/Psychic type and Fire/Water type respectively.

They were originally found through RAM editing of Pokemon X and Y, which tells me that there could be more. So far, we have not been told when the new Pokemon will be introduced to Pokemon X and Y, but I guess we will find out soon.